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Dawn Hardwick is high powerful self-starter entrepreneur who is extremely motivated because she’s been on both sides of the business as a business owner and as a consumer. The vision of DLB Consulting Group formulated after she attend a three-day classis in Miami Florida to learn about real estate investment and building multiple streams of cash flow. Ms. Hardwick is pursuing her degree in Business management at a Community College, she has over 35 years of customer service experience which allowed her to understand consumer and marketing business. Also, she was employed by a 500-fortune company, leading one of the largest payrolls in the company processing over 13,000 retirees. And when opportunity presented itself, Ms. Hardwick walked out on faith and became a successful business owner of her own payroll company.

Ms. Hardwick is a dynamite business inspirational coach because she inspires and motivates new entrepreneurs and current business owners to understand the real meaning of passion and vision. One of her clients, was able to increase their bottom line by 80 % thru marketing strategies and producing positive results thru customer service reviews.

Ms. Hardwick has an outstanding team that is dedicated to empowering new business to push thru and navigate in the business spectrum by learning to do business with each other. Her team builders focused on incorporating LLC, S- Corp. C- Crop, and setting up your non-profit’s organization, bookkeeping & payroll, business insurance, Branding, Credit building, personal credit, business credit, business funding real estate, homeownership and cash buyers, legal services and personal and business
year-end tax preparation and much more.

I would like to welcome you to DLB Consulting Group LLC, and I look forward to starting this wonderful journey of becoming your own boss and having financial freedom. We are your one stop shop business center. The world needs your business products and services. Let’s impact our communities by doing business together and building generational wealth and leaving a legacy.

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