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Racquel Maye-David

Racquel Maye-David is a devoted mother of four and a firm believer in the power of faith. With a background as a former Bank Manager, Racquel began her journey towards understanding credit and credit wealth in 2007. While working as a loan processor, she witnessed firsthand how the subprime lending market was affecting low-credit families. Recognizing the need for credit knowledge within her community, Racquel founded Evolve Eve Consulting Services LLC to assist families who had purchased homes with less than perfect credit to develop, comprehend, and impart good credit habits within their households. Thanks to Racquel's expertise, many families have been able to master credit wellness and achieve their financial goals. Additionally, Racquel has expanded her reach by providing women with the tools and support they need to enter the credit repair industry, offering lifetime or low-cost options for those who need it.

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Cheryl Marsh

Introducing Marsh & Associates and it’s administration.  My name is Cheryl Marsh, Principal of Marsh & Associates Signing Services, and LLC. (MASS, LLC). Tax Expert in Business & Personal Tax Preparation & Consulting non-profit organizations developed knowledge and skills in the following areas, real estate planning and development, needs assessments, proposal development, development financing and taxation, construction project management, blueprint analysis, construction accounting, real estate analysis, marketing, and management, land use regulations, community organizing and social management.  Acquiring this level of experience over the past years has afforded me the ability to become an asset to your organization, while contributing immensely to the overall growth and development of the organization.     


609.865.4577 | 609.877.0777 


Niquita Leary

Niquita Leary is a dedicated hearing impaired specialist, Team Builder with a passion for empowering individuals with hearing impairments. With extensive experience in the field, she focuses on helping the hearing impaired navigate their neighborhoods and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Through seminars, conferences, and classes, in which she provided  valuable education, training, and support to enhance their independence and success. Ms. Leary is commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of the hearing impaired is evident in her tireless efforts to promote inclusivity and create opportunities for growth." Hands In Motion LLC has join with Community Faith Wealth Mission NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION DLB CONSULTING GROUP LLC consulting firm in assisting there clients with hearing impaired.

1907 Deptford Center Rd Ste 3
Deptford, NJ 08096
Phone-+1 (856) 242-4639
Hrs availability- By appointment

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